Fiction documentary film “Sarzamin-e-Khorshid”

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The story is narrated by one of the famous “Bakhshi” of Khorasan. He is Master Mohamad Yeganeh and he plays his “do taar” and sings.

The story is about a tribe in which a wedding is about to happen. It is the wedding of a couple who are getting married after years of separation. The sound of music and happiness reflects in the desert. Suddenly the voice of horses and the shout of some people rise. Aggressor enemies assail the village. They burn everywhere and kill everyone or take them into captivity. The groom is killed and the bride is taken into captivity. After a while the tribe gets ready for revenge. They attack the enemy and defeat them. Now the captives are back to the village and the bride is looking for her groom because she is unaware of his death. Then she finds his grave.



Details of film:

Production year: summer 2005

Duration: 53 minutes

Format: videotap/ DV cam

Genre: fiction-documentary

Produced in: Honar Javid Shargh film production

Cast and crew:

Produced and directed by: Ashkan Ziaei/ writer: Farshid Tamri/ light and photography: Ashkani Ziaei/ acting consultant: Farshid Tamri/ sound: Jafar Kaboutari/ edit and sound mixing: Ashkan Ziaei/ production manager and coordination: Abdoreza Afsharzadeh/ still phorographer: Jafar Kaboutari, Alireza Sanatnegar, Majid Alayi


Master Mohamad Yeganeh/ Masoud Rashidi/ Elaheh Nazarzadeh/ Aboreza Afsharzadeh/ Ali Soleimani/ Homeira Ramezanian/ Mehrnaz Hasanizadeh

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