Short film “Navaye Asheghaneh”

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This is rainy night. Rain drops on the window make the reflection of outside light in the old room of an old man, gentler. The old man is sitting next to the window and remembers his life memories with the sound of music from his gramophone. The next morning…

Details of film:

Production year: winter 1997

Duration: 15 minutes

Format: videotape/ SVHS

Genre: fiction

Produced in: young cinema institution of Iran- Mashhad department

Cast and crew:

Director and writer: Ashkan Ziaei/ light and photography: Mohamad Ebrahim Rajabian/ sound: seyed Reza Diyanat/ scene designer: Ashkan Ziaei/ production manager: Reza Farhadinia/ assistant of light and photography: Ali Seyedi, Faramarz Amel Bordbar, Reza attar/ edit: Abolfazl Attar/ still photogratpher: seyed Ali Seyedi/ calligraphy: Younes Soukhtanloo/ scene affairs: Javad Bagheri, Ghasem Bagheri

Actor: Esmaeil Asadinejad

Attendance in festivals:

Fourth “cinema Javan” film festival and second international “cinema Javan” film festival in 1997. It nominated for 7 awards for directory, photography, screenplay, music, scene designing, editing and the best film of the festival. And also it received the statue of the best photography and the best music.

It attended in Vancoveer film festival and was shown in 5 theaters in 5 cities of Canada.

It attended in Austria Obenz film festival

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