Ashkan Ziaei Filmmaker

Born in 25 July 1977 Mashhad. Iran

He started to work by theater and writing plays in 1992 and the result was performing some of them and attending to different theater festivals. He went to Sinama Javan Institute in 1994 and began still photography and filmmaking. His first independent work was “yek rooze Tatil” in 1996. This was made by reversal 8mm film. It attend strongly in the first international film festival of Sinama Javan. He made his second film named “Navaye Asheghaneh” in 1997. It is one of the most outstanding works of him. This film which was made on videotapes, brought much honor for Ashkan Ziaei in different national and international festivals. His next film, “yek filmnameh” which was his first feature film was made in IRIB Khorasan Razavi in 2000.

In the same year this film was chosen as selected film in IRIB productions festival in Zibakenar and the jury appreciated it for directory and scene designing. The public relations of broadcasting of Khorasan Razavi reported the film “Yek Filmnameh” was selected as the best shown program in 2000 by the televiewers. “post-e-shab” was his second feature film. This one was made in IRIB Khorasan Razavi too in 2001 and was firstly shown in Khorasan Razavi television in new year of 2002. This film was attended in IRIB productions festival and was selected as one of the 10 top films and it was attended in Montreal film festival as selected film from Iran in 2005.

Although these two films were made 10 years ago, but they are still counted as updated and are shown every year from Khorasan Razavi television. Ashcan Ziaei established “Honar-e-Javid-e-Shargh” film production in 2003 and centralized his activities in it. “yek hesse khub” is one of his short films which is made in this film production in 2003. This film is his fifth work and was purchased by IRIB Hamedan. His next film is “Ba Man Bia” in 2005. He made a documentary-fiction film called ” Sarzamin-e-Khorshid” in the same year.

After that he made a serial fiction “Mani” in 9 episodes in 2006. He made the telefilm of “No Resideh” in 2010. This film was a participation between “Honar Javid Shargh” film production and the cultural department of “Bent-al-Hoda” hospital. “No Resideh” is a comedy-training film. His next work is named “Boomerang”. It is his sixth and last feature film up to now and it is made in the summer of 2011. This film is shown in IRIB channel 3 in 2012 and also the media institute “Tasvir-e-Donyaye Honar” (TDH) has purchased the distribution privilege of this film in home video network. Ashkan Ziaei has had many activities along with his independent productions including making programs for TV, teaching and making advertisements. He also exhibited his first professional photo exhibition in the subject of “Nature” in hotel “Homa” of Mashhad for the two weeks and all of his photos were sold.