We investigate the non Markovianity of continuous variable Gaussian quantum channels through the evolution of an operational metrological quantifier, namely, the Gaussian interferometric power steroids, which captures the minimal precision that can be achieved using bipartite Gaussian probes in a black box phase estimation setup steroids, where the phase shift generator is a priori unknown. We observe that the monotonicity of the Gaussian interferometric power under the action of local Gaussian quantum channels on the ancillary arm of the bipartite probes is a natural indicator of Markovian dynamics; consequently, its breakdown for specific maps can be used to construct a witness and an effective quantifier of non Markovianity. In our work, we consider two paradigmatic Gaussian models, the damping master equation and the quantum Brownian motion, and identify analytically and numerically the parameter regimes that give rise to non Markovian dynamics.

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