French farmer protests against the introduction of the mandatory drinking age in Germany. Photograph: Nils Wirth /AFP/Get더킹카지노ty Images The issue of the age in Germany, which was first proposed by the conservative-leaning Die Welt newspaper in 2001, has been under severe pressure from the left since Germany introduced a voluntary drinking age for 16-18-year-olds in 2007. The latest government draft of the law, published in February this year, woul우리카지노d see the age rise gradually to 21. Some lawmakers, including Angela Merkel, favour dropping the age by five years if only it can be enforced on a voluntary basis – a proposal vehemently opposed by the youth. A poll published by the leftwing thinktank Demos this week showed that the government’s proposal to increase the age for drinking to 21 would receive a clear majority of votes from young people and the centre-left Social Democratic party. The proposed age increase would mean that some young people in Germany would be forced to drink alcohol before they can marry. On Saturday German news agency DPA reported that government officials had been discussing a compulsory drinking age of 21 for men of legal drinking age. The draft law requires 18-year-olds to show some responsibility for how much alcohol they use or drink. The government wants to introduce the compulsory drink-by-16 rule later this year.