Is Sprint 5G worth the premium As we resolutely cross the threshold into the 5G era, there are a wave of “firsts” popping up in the market. The LG V50 ThinQ, for example, is the first coque ultra fine samsung galaxy s9 plus Sprint 5G smartphone. The V50 coque iphone 8 rotatif bague support is a warmed over coque iphone 8 plus stitch rose upgrade to last year’s V40, with 5G serving as the primary feature. Sprint’s 5G network provides more access than competitors AT and Verizon do at the moment, but that may change over time. About our super mario captain l3017 coque iphone 11 1coques8iphone2028 review: We tested the LG V50 ThinQ over a period of two weeks. We were able to spend some time with the phone under the coque iphone 8 silicone dybala umbrella of Sprint’s 5G network, though most of the review was conducted in 4G only areas. LG V50 ThinQ review: The big picture If you want to own one of the first 5G phones, your selection is really limited. coque samsung a8 2018 360 You’ve got the Samsung Galaxy coque winnie samsung galaxy s8 S10 5G the lion king z4859 iphone 11 pro coque goldufoa16809 on Verizon, AT (business customers only), Sprint, and T Mobile, and the LG V50 ThinQ on Sprint. coque luxe samsung s9 These are the only phones with 5G built in, and you’d better believe they’re premium devices that command top dollar. If you’re a Verizon customer on a budget, you can slap the 5G Mod onto coque licorne samsung s10 plus either the Moto Z3or Moto Z4, neither of which has native 5G. It’s widely believed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come in a 5G variant when it launches in August. The V50 ThinQ is LG’s flagship phone and it goes head to head with Samsung. It’s a hearty offering, packed with technology. In addition to 5G, remember that the V branded devices are LG’s media focused series, with extra camera, video, and audio features in tow for capturing the highest quality content. Cramming so much into a single chassis is a tall order. Let’s dive into our LG V50 ThinQ review to see if LG made it all work. Where is Sprint 5G availableSprint 5G service is currently available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City. What’s in the box Quick Charge 3.0 chargerUSB A to USB C cable3.5mm earbudsMicrofiber clothLG kept the box contents simple and straightforward. In addition to the V50 ThinQ, you’ll find a high speed wall plug, cable, earbuds, and a polishing cloth. I am happy to see the 3.5mm equipped headphones, even samsung s6 edge coque samsung if they don’t carry a brand anyone would recognize. There are no adapters coca cola z5060 iphone xr coque goldufoa4809 in the box, nor is there even a coque torro samsung s8 simple case.159 x 77 x 8.4mm,183gGorilla Glass 53.5mm headphone jackMicroSD expandable storageLG has not made a truly distinctive smartphone in what feels like years. Sure, the V50 ThinQ is a sultry black glass slab, with aluminum providing the frame, but the simple lines and generic curves lack bravado. The phone is almost indistinguishable from last year’s V40. The major differences are these: The rear panel glass is curved on all four sides where it meets the frame. I like this. And the camera module is now entirely flush with glass (similar to the LG G8 ThinQ), creating a seamless surface. I like this, too. Everything else about the phone is more iphone 8 coque renforce or less identical to its predecessor. LG covers the flagship basics. Gorilla Glass 5 is front and back. The phone meets MIL STD 810G for durability, but I’m not going to be the one to throw it down a set of stairs to test that rating. The V50 scores IP68 for protection against water. Indeed, I put necrosis goa magara coque samsung s10 sushicube6118 the phone in a bucket of water and it came out none the worse for being wet. This means you can sweat on it, spill on it, and accidentally drop it in the coque samsung a8 2018 dur pool, but don’t leave it at the bottom for too long. LG has not made a truly distinctive smartphone in what feels like years. The glass panels are perfectly polished. In fact, this phone is overly smooth. It is among the most slippery handsets I’ve handled. It doesn’t like to sit still and will silently glide coque samsung galaxy s6 marbre off any surface that isn’t coque bois samsung s6 level. Be careful where you put the phone. It’s a big piece of hardware. You’ll find it’s about the same size as a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, or Google Pixel 3 XL. It’s smaller than the Galaxy Note 9. I don’t think it is too big, but the slippery glass makes it hard to use one handed. I often had to grip the V50 tightly in one hand and use the other to poke at the screen. A dark gray finish gives the aluminum frame a smokey look. The frame wraps around the entire outer edge, which holds the majority of the controls and ports. The screen lock / power button is on the right side and is joined by the dual purpose SIM card / MicroSD card tray. Separate volume buttons and a dedicated Google Assistant hotkey are on the left side. All the buttons are easy to find and offer perfect feedback. The V50 ThinQ could easily be mistaken for nearly any other black phone. The bottom edge features the USB C port, speaker, and 3.5mm headphone jack. LG has been serious about supporting the headphone jack, particularly on the V series. Glass stretches across the entire back surface. There is no camera bump and I’m happy about that. One neat touch. There’s a glowing 5G logo above the camera lenses. It pulses yellow when the display is on. The fingerprint reader is located on the back, right where your index finger expects to find it. The reader was easy to train and worked reliably and quickly. Face unlock is available, but it’s a less secure option that could be fooled by a photo. I’m surprised LG didn’t carry over the high tech 3D face unlock from the G8. My biggest gripe with the hardware is that it doesn’t stand out. The V50 ThinQ could easily be mistaken for nearly any other black phone. I wish the phone were available in hot rod red or some more unique color. Otherwise, it’s a perfectly functional device that handles the must haves in fine fashion.6.4 inch Quad HD+ OLED Full Vision3,120 by 1,440 pixels, with 19.5:9 aspect ratioNotchLG makes excellent displays and coque iphone 8 lifeproof nuud the large panel that adorns the front of the V50 ThinQ is another such example. Thanks to the boat shaped notch, the aspect ratio extends to 19.5:9. It’s a tall screen, though not as tall as Sony’s odd 21:9 panels. The screen emits pleasing colors, plenty of light, and incredible clarity. LG allows you to adjust the resolution: Quad HD+, Full HD+, or HD+. The latter two will save a little bit of battery life compared coque samsung s7 silicone harry potter to the first. While your eyes can’t truly spot the marsupilami love z3573 iphone xr coque goldufoa10809 difference between Quad HD+ and Full HD+, stepping the resolution down to HD+ does reduce clarity somewhat. Sticking to the middle option is likely the best balance for most people. What’s neat is you can set the screen to automatically switch from Full HD+ to Quad HD+ when you have high quality content to watch. LG’s software includes controls over the blue light filter for keeping your eyes comfortable. You can also opt to hide the notch via software. This is an approach I have come to appreciate.