Stocco more broadly are also concerned with creating a culture of transparency among its staff. “We are very dedicated to having an open culture with our employees,” said CEO Mike McNeil. farlena bijoux peint a la main email simule perle ronde boucles doreilles vintage boheme boucles “We want that culture to evolve. And we have to maintain it, even when things are not going well.” “It’s more than just being able to do things the way you want and don’t have to pay a lot of money to do things as opposed to doing things the old-fashioned way,” added vice바카라 president of employee communications, Bill Lussier, “We think we’re better off if people have honest communication about their feelings and what the impact of not meeting targets is, because without honest communication, you really don’t know how to get a better return.” As for whether Scocco intends to expand its workforce beyond its core우리카지노 office in New York City, its main headquarters is schedule카지노 사이트d to come online around June or July 2014. But while staff are working to fill all positions by then, at this time it seems unlikely Scocco will have any staff employees outside of the NYC headquarters. As for its growth in its home base of California, McNeil says they still plan to maintain the same leadership team in the two cities. petit collier or However, he did note that Scocco’s global staff presence has been gradually expanding as California growth has been outpacing the rest of the world. peindre une bague en argent While Scocco has not publicly announced its California expansion plans, McNeil stated that they have been in talks with local investors to expand their global office. bague or blanc femme maty He added that they are in the final stages of negotiations with many possible prospective investors. “We’re working very hard,” he told me. “We’ve been very patient, and our focus right now is on the California expansion.” At a recent meeting with the media, executives talked about expanding their global operations into other areas of focus such as marketing and communications. collier cuire femme 2collierfrance2227 So far, the company does not plan to expand into China. Scocco’s growing business does come with the added risk that it may become the target of regulators at some point, especially if California regulations on online gambling and consumer protection laws continue to crumble.