How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last All coque samsung galaxy j4 plus roi lion Day I not thrilled with AT either but I can solve that problem for you. flyleaf nouveaux arrivants pendentif colliers couleur or carte creux rond 925 pendentifs en argent I can, however, help you make the battery last longer. Do it my way and it will last all day. First thing you do: turn down the brightness on the screen. bracelet argent femme gros poignet Turn it way down. Here where mine is: A bright screen will run down your battery like nothing else. coque samsung galaxy j3 amoureux So fight back by dimming things down. Second thing you do: set the to 1 minute. This means that your iPhone will shut coque de samsung j3 2016 citation off its screen automatically in one minute. collier femme motif chat 1collierfrance2029 Yes, it an irritation, but it a lot less coque samsung j3 pro animaux irritating coque violette samsung galaxy j3 2017 than running out of battery power. Third thing you do: turn off coque samsung a40 plastique WiFi coque samsung j3 slim when you know you won be using it. a50 samsung coque portefeuille Turn it back samsung a40 coque disney on samsung galaxy j3 2017 coque incassable when you get home or to the office or Starbucks or wherever it is coque totoro samsung j3 2016 that you use WiFi. collier de perles en vinaigre (The internet stuff is MUCH coque mognon silicone samsung galaxy j3 2016 faster with WiFi than with the 3G network, so remember to turn it on when it available.) Fourth thing you do: turn off coque j5 2016 silicone samsung Bluetooth unless you need it. (You need it if you have a Bluetooth headset.) Fifth thing you do: get yourself a couple of coque samsung j3 mickey mouse extra chargers and get in the habit of plugging the iPhone in when you coque samsung a70 panda can. I have one in the car and another at my desk. If you need a link, here one for car chargers and cables from Amazon. collier cuir et argent homme 3collierfrance5899 Please use the “Sharing” buttons to coque samsung a50 porte share what’s interesting with your friends.